Holga: Cusco & The Sacred Valley

Apologies for things being slow on this blog! Rob and I have been working on a new educational website called Photography Concentrate, and just launched our very first offering yesterday: a video tutorial all about RAW processing in Lightroom! It’s taken up a lot of our time, and other things (like posting here!) were pushed aside. But we still have so much to share from Peru, and want to start writing more articles here as well, so there’s lots of fun still to be had together!

Rob scanned some colour Holga film yesterday, and you should have heard my reaction! I believe it was along the lines of “wowowowowowow”. There’s just something about the colours and feel of these images that gets me really really excited. It helps that Rob took some really great shots, regardless of what medium! 

I’m really excited to share these with you guys! We’ll start with some from Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and then later this week I’ll share some really great ones from the Amazon. 

Hope you enjoy! Drop us a comment and say hello!










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