A First Look At The Jungle

One popular excursion from Iquitos is to journey to a nearby lodge and spend a few days out in the jungle. The owner of the hotel we’re staying at highly recommended a tour company so we went and checked them out. The company is called Paseos Amazonicos and is owned by a wonderfully cheery gent named Mr. Francisco Wong …. (his family emigrated from China to Peru!). We really liked the vibe we got from him, and it sounded like a pretty neat tour so we signed up. We normally shy away from organized tours, as they often aren’t the greatest for photography as they are always rushing from site to site. This seemed like a neat way to see a lot in the jungle though, so we were excited. 

We met up with the group and walked to the end of the street to get to a boat. It’s amazing how close we are to the water!! We boarded and the adventure began!  

_MG_6390.jpg _MG_6391.jpg

The water we can see from Iquitos isn’t technically the Amazon river, but one of the many tributaries. As soon as you pass onto the Amazon you can see a marked difference in water color, as you can clearly see in this shot! The current is also quite a bit faster, and the river is just incredibly wide.


You see many river boats chugging along. I just love the way they look, and hope one day to do a journey on one!


_MG_6435.jpgWhen we arrived at our lodge I noticed right away that they had a recycling program. I was pumped to see that!


While waiting for our first trip we went for a stroll and were able to see so many incredible sights just around the lodge. Here are some of the shots we took.

_MG_2671.jpg _MG_2674.jpg _MG_6471.jpg _MG_2680.jpg _MG_6443.jpg _MG_6445.jpg _MG_6455.jpg _MG_6457.jpg _MG_6463.jpg _MG_6468.jpg _MG_6482.jpg _MG_6484.jpg _MG_6496.jpg _MG_6510.jpg

So that was a little taste of what the jungle looked like when we first arrived. But there was so much more in store for us. Our first trip was to visit the Yagua tribe and see them use a blowgun! I’ll post those shots next, so stay tuned!

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