Rob's Journey to Salinas & Moray

So, as I very much expected, I got hit with a mild case of Delhi Belly. I have a weak stomach, and even though I never ate anything the boys didn’t eat, I was still the one sick. So I spent the day recuperating in the hotel room as the boys ventured into the Sacred Valley to visit Salinas and Moray. And boy, did they see some amazing things! Here are some of Rob’s digital shots. I can’t wait to see all the film stuff he’s been doing!


This was one of two amphitheaters at Moray. The other one was in better shape, but this one was quite stunning with the mountains in the background. It is hypothesized that the Inca built these to have different microclimates on each terrace. They would test to see which climate was ideal for growing their crops. It just blows my mind to hear of such scientific prowess. 


 As they were shooting, the boys saw a little house up a dirt road. Being the adventurers that they are, they visited it, and met a wonderful couple who showed them around, and even gave them their first glass of chicha! From what I’ve heard, it’s most often fermented corn beer with a little added saliva to make it extra tasty!



 Some chickens running around at the little house they visited.


 This is the more popular amphitheater at Moray, which is in much better condition. However, as you can see, there are many more tourists there. Not quite as awesome for photos. 


I can’t believe the clouds here. They are just so imposing. 



These are the salt pans at Salinas. They still collect salt from these, though now it is mainly used for salt licks for animals. It’s really an incredible site!




 And finally, some of the Instax that we’ve been shooting! We obviously don’t have a scanner here so we’ll just take photos of the shots. So do excuse the slightly lesser quality :) 

Here you can see the little house the boys visited. 


The amphitheater at Moray.


The salt pans of Salinas. 


A wicked blue Volkswagen. We see these everywhere so we suspect they may still be in production? Anyone know?


A street view of Cusco.


The lovely woman from the little house in the Sacred Valley. I adore this shot. Rob took two shots and gave one to her. From what I hear she was thrilled. This was the reason we brought that camera, and it will be wonderful to give these little gifts to the people we meet!


Hope you guys enjoyed all that! I’m feeling much better after a day of rest, and hoping that my stomach will be better for the rest of the trip! Thank goodness for loperamide and rehydration powder!!

Lauren :)

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