Visit to an Animal Sanctuary

One of the excursions we went on during our jungle tour was to visit an animal sanctuary. We are huuuuuge animal lovers, so we were quite excited!

We use every opportunity to take photos, even if we’re just travelling from one place to another :)

Two images of our jungle guide, Warren.

The landscape is incredible in every sense. 

I love how the river is such an important part of life for the people. 

Upon arriving at the animal sanctuary we got to see a coati! They are members of the racoon family, and seemed like an anteater-monkey hybrid! They would dig in the dirt to find worms to eat, but loved to climb up into the trees as well. Cute, but not to be petted! They were definitely wild little guys. 

At this animal sanctuary all of the animals were free and not caged up. They were orphaned or injured and were unable to live on their own in the wild, so these guys took care of them. We got to see a spider monkey, which is just an incredible animal. As soon as you saw them move, you instantly understood the name “spider monkey”. 

Now this naughty little monkey was named Pepe. We were warned beforehand that he loved to steal things from the visitors. Even with the heads up, he still managed to grab Rob’s glasses and run right up the tree!! He also managed to give them a few chomps as well. Two of the guys who worked at the sanctuary had to climb up the tree after him to get the glasses back!! Naughty Pepe!!

The monkeys would just hop up and climb all over you, it was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve ever had. 

There were sloths hanging around in the trees, and we watched this one walking along the ground to get to a tree. She walked in a straight line, even straight over an anthill! When you move that slow, making detours are clearly not too high on your list of priorities! 

Sloths have very little defense from predators, and are quite vulnerable. They have these huge claws to defend themselves. I would not want to be on the other side if they got mad!!

But even with those intense claws, they are still the cutest animals!


And the only thing cuter than a sloth? Baby sloth.

Here’s Pepe giving my lens a really good inspection. Thankfully monkey slobber is easy enough to clean off. It’s for reasons exactly like this that we always carry a Lenspen!

Monkeys are so incredibly expressive and human-like. Getting to be around them was such a pleasure, we could have spent all day there!! 

Pepe was trying to steal the sunglasses from one of the guides as well! 

Now here’s a crazy animal! This is a matamata turtle, probably one of the most unique looking animals I’ve ever seen. 

There were some amazing birds hanging around, but this was the only shot we got of one! We were way too amazed by the monkeys!!

As well as an anaconda. Yep, these guys live in the Amazon as well! Not quite the scale that Hollywood would have you believe, but very large nonetheless! What amazing creatures snakes are. 

Such an incredible place, I really hope we will get to see more of these sanctuaries popping up instead of zoos with cages. Animals like this need as much space as they want, and these guys all seemed so happy and full of life. Loved it. 

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