A Few More Holga

Just wanted to share a few more holga images with you today! The scanning process is coming along slow and steady, and it’s been so fun to see these images just appear on the computer screen. It’s funny how we, with so much advanced digital technology, get so impressed by analog film. I suppose that’s just the way things go! I mean, right now gearless bikes and vinyl records are all the rage again. It’s nice to just enjoy simple things, when we’re so bombarded by complex gadgets and gizmos.

I’ll stop with the philosophical blabbering though, and let you enjoy those holga images!


To stop intruders, they place broken shards of glass from bottles into the cement on the tops of walls. Along with barbed wire, it’s makes a pretty formidable sight. 



A vulture in Pucallpa. 



 Iquitos street scene. 



Wonderful lines and textures in Iquitos



Another street scene, and more broken glass. Iquitos. 


Have a great weekend everyone! 

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