Street Cuisine: Hamburguesas

Whenever we can, we try to ask locals for restaurant recommendations. When we stayed in Iquitos, the owner of the hotel we lodged at had been living there for years (and spoke English) so we could easily get lots of suggestions from him!

He mentioned a great place for a late night snack. A hamburguesa (hamburger in Spanish, obviously!) stand just around the corner. 

One night we strolled over there, not knowing that this would be another simple yet wonderful experience with street cuisine. 

The setup was simple: hamburgers, hot dogs, and other easy foods served up over a hot grill. Round one: Rob gets a hamburguesa, Drew and I go for the hot dogs. You can see our “hot dogs” over on the right. They just cut them into slices, and put them on a hamburger bun. An interesting, and effective strategy! It was certainly the first time I’ve ever had lettuce on a hot dog!

The menu. The price for one of these tasty creations? Less than a dollar for most. And the variety was awesome. See that “Mixto” option? That’s a hamburger, with egg and cheese on top. Yummmmm. That was round two.

So simple, and so delicious. It was little things like this that made us strongly consider moving here. I mean, you walk down your street, chill out in the warm jungle air, and enjoy a simple burger for less than a dollar. Paradise? Pretty sure.

I got a bit emotional during this experience, to tell you the truth. And it was because we were so lucky to be sharing our simple meal with regular Iquitos residents. This young boy and his grandmother sat down right across from us, and you could tell he was having the night of his life. He probably got to order his favorite dish, enjoyed some Inca Kola, and everything was grand. And we got to sit with them, essentially, and do the same. We were part of the culture at that moment, and I loved it. I took this photo really stealthily, with the aid of live-view on the 5DMKII so I didn’t have to bring it up to my eye. It’s certainly not going to win any awards, but it reminds me of that night, and how wonderful it was to be there. 

Walking away from our hamburger stand. The parting wasn’t permanent, however, as we were lured back there again the next night! And if I could, I’d go there right now.

Do you have a simple experience that makes you enjoy traveling immensely, like me and my street food?

Lauren :)

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