So You Got An SLR….Now What?

An introduction to some of the basic menu features of most SLR cameras. Includes a discussion of RAW vs. JPEG, color space, shooting modes, exposure compensation, and ISO.


Don’t Leave Home Without…

Our list of essential and awfully useful items. Pack smart and you’ll have way more fun on your adventure!


Travel Medications

Being sick while traveling is one of the worst things ever. Trust me. Check out this article for a list of all the travel meds we take with us. And also to find out why it’s a picture of a puppy.



iPhone Apps for Photographers

The iPhone is an amazing tool for amateur and professional photographers alike. And the potential of this little gadget is really unlocked with some great apps. Check out this article to find out which ones we use for our iPhonography! 



iPhone Apps for Travelers

We would never travel without our iPhone. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife…but electronic. And it does more. But you can’t cut anything with it. So really not like a Swiss Army Knife at all. It’s incredibly useful for traveling though, so check this article out to see why! 





Before You Go

There are so many things to do before a big trip, it’s easy to forget something essential. In this article we tell you what we do to prepare for an adventure. We also list many of the mistakes we’ve made over the years….Does that intrigue you?

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