Meet Rob & Lauren

robandlaurenwedding.jpgRob and Lauren’s wedding day. Santorini, Greece. 2009.

Hello and welcome to The Adventures of Rob & Lauren! We’re very excited that you’ve visited our site. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Rob & Lauren: two young professional photographers from Canada who love to travel. We’re serious about photography, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. That’s us at our most basic.


This is Rob.

He is totally obsessed with photography. Most of the time you’ll find him reading books, blogs, and articles about all aspects of the art. 

He has a black belt in tae kwon do, so don’t mess with him….

He has traveled to Australia, New Zealand,  Thailand, Budapest, Greece, Italy, France, India, Vietnam, and soon, Peru!


This is Lauren.

I am a photographer first, and a design junkie second. While my skills in CSS and HTML don’t nearly match up to those in Photoshop, I’m learning!

I love food. Let’s just get that out there right now. Whenever we travel to a new place that’s often what I’m most excited about. I cook a lot since I’m also kinda cheap ;) But a meal with good friends and good wine is one of my favourite things in the world.

Travel is my other obsession, and I can’t wait to get back out there!


europe.jpgThe Parthenon. Athens, Greece. 2006.

Five years ago, we met online through our personal blogs. (Yes, we’re nerdy like that!) Soon after we met, we decided to embark on a month long backpacking trip through Europe. That trip changed our lives. 

At that point, neither of us was really into photography. We brought small point and shoot cameras, and a cheap tripod. But the more we spent time taking photos, the more we came to absolutely love it. On that trip we decided we would figure out how to become travel photographers. We were ambitious. Naive, to be sure. But ambitious!

We returned home to Canada, and our real lives. We were both working on our Bachelor of Psychology degrees at the time, and only had a year left. We begrudgingly decided to finish school, while starting our photography business at the same time. We knew literally nothing about photography or business, so it was an interesting experience to say the least! But in 2007 we both graduated, and immediately became full-time photographers. 

Our photography careers began, interestingly enough, with weddings. It’s an exciting and challenging genre that has grown immensely in the past few years. We shot one wedding for a friend, and then found ourselves with 30 booked for the next year. Needless to say, our lives became completely consumed with wedding photography very quickly. 

robandlauren3.jpgSnorkeling in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. 2008.

Our passion for travel photography never wavered, however. Every winter, when weddings would cease due to freezing temperatures, we’d begin to plan our next adventure. In 2008, we spent three months in South East Asia and India, and created our first travel blog, The Wedding Travelers. It was a life changing trip, and we still are so happy to hear from people all over the world who happened to stumble across that blog! 

robandlauren2.jpgForeheads smeared with turmeric powder at a festival. Mumbai, India. 2008.

As incredible as the experience was, however, we realized our interest in travel photography was much broader than just cultural weddings, and so we created The Adventures of Rob & Lauren.

This blog is now our home for all the adventures and travels we embark on. We invite you to follow us on our journeys as we explore this incredible world! We’ll post the images we create, photography tips and tutorials, and advice for other travelers, and whatever else happens to inspire us. Enjoy, and feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to say hello!

Fun Facts:

  • When we’re not shooting or traveling, we have a ton of other things to keep us busy!
  • Lauren loves to cook, and is always experimenting in the kitchen. She’s messy, klutzy, and always covered in burns and cuts, but has tons of fun!
  • We’ve really become enamored with food, espresso and red wine, and are always trying to learn more. We’re currently trying to make our own wine, and are very interested to see how that goes!
  • We’re huge movie buffs, and love to watch everything from documentaries to silly comedies. Enjoyment and inspiration all in one: what’s not to love??
  • We have a cat, Scooter, who has achieved a mediocre level of internet fame. You’ll likely hear us talk about him incessantly, or show you photos of him on our iPhones. He’s awesome.In 2009 we got married! Hooray!! We stole away to the island of Santorini in Greece and took our own wedding photos. We’re crazy like that.

robandlauren.jpgRob & Lauren in Jaisalmer, India. 2008.

Why we travel:

For us, traveling is a necessary part of our lives. It has shaped us, changed us, and taught us so many lessons. 

We truly believe that everyone who can, should travel. This world is way bigger than any of us can imagine, and without getting out there and seeing it, how can we even begin to understand our place in it? And things are changing each and every day. In a few years, some of the exotic locales that you’ve always dreamt of visiting may have crumbled away. The cultures that fascinate you may have become completely assimilated, with their traditions long forgotten. Now is the time to get out there!!

Having traveled a fair bit in our lives, we can confidently say that it’s much easier to do than many people imagine. Especially with the internet, it’s more simple than ever to get yourself to the other side of the world. You can book your flight, research everything there is to know about your destination, reserve a hotel, and arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport all within minutes online. 

We really hope we can inspire you to get out there and travel, especially if you never have before. I can guarantee that it will change your life, if you let it.

Make sure to check out our Resources page for travel tips and links. Safe travels!signature.jpg